Monday, August 29, 2011

The familiesI met in the U.S.-1

The Secrests,Terre Haute,Indiana
There was one family at Terre Haute , Indiana who was a member of the parish of St.Anne's ,1440 Locust street,Terre haute, Indiana.They had 6 children at that time and they would all come for the masses.Two of the boys ,Michael and Ray, were very friendly with me.The family was always present for the daily masses, and the mother, Marie Secrest would read at the masses.They would invite me often to their houses for meals.I would walk over to their house from the church.Some times, I would play games with them.
I remember one day going with them to cut down a Christmas tree from a big nursery where they had a large number of Christmas trees.We cut down a very big tree but we could not drag it to the truck. Then, we cut down a smaller one and carried it to the church.
Another time, they invited me to go for water skiing with them on a summer day.They came to the university and picked me up.I put on the skiis on my feet and the boat sped along.I plunged into the water and was kept afloat because of the life belt.
I also did go with them for berry picking one day early in the morning at 4a.m.This family , thus gave me an inkling into some of the American ways of life.

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