Sunday, August 28, 2011

The People I met in the U.S.-1

Dr.Misenheimer was the Head of the Dept. of English,Indiana State University.He had more than 60 professors in the Dept.It was one of the largest Depts. of English that I had seen. He invited us to his house on different occasions and I had a very good relationship with him.He in fact urged me to remain in Indiana to watch the beauty of the Fall season.He was gracious enough to grant me assistantship and because of that I was able to teach two courses in English while taking my graduate courses.I was also enjoying the privileges of the faculty as I had my own room in the Dept.
I still remember seeing his large library at home where he received and entertained us.
I worked with Dr.Weixelman in different ways.He was the Editor of the Black American Literature forum and I was appointed the Assistant Editor to work with him.I did some of the editorial work for the magazine with him.I also took independent reading lessons in Hemingway with him.His room is opposite to mine and hence we got more time to work together.Just I left the Indiana State University for Washington D.C., he also left the University for the University of North Carolina.He is now the Dean of Graduate studies at St.Louis University.
His wife, Sherry, too helped me in many ways.
Christian Moore
I have to be deeply grateful to Fr.Christian Moore.He is one of the great and generous priests that I have met in my life. I am sorry to note that he left priesthood.He was the chaplain of the Campus Ministry at the Indiana State University.He was the one who arranged for my admission and stay at the Indiana State University.I worked with the Campus Ministry as a Campus Minister and it gave me a lot of opportunities to work with the University students.There were Sundays when I said both the masses at the University.One of he students would come to St.Anne;s church,Terre Haute and would pick me up for the masses and drop me later after the masses.
Fr.Moore was there always to help me whenever I needed some help.He helped me also when I needed someone to pick Fr.Patrick who came to interview me for a post at the Campus ministry,Catholic University of America.
While working at the Campus Ministry at I.S.U., I also went to say mass at Rose Hulman institute of Technology.I had an interesting experience one day when I wen t to say the mass.The student who came to pick me up for the mass had the key of the hall where the mass was to be said. But as he reached the place, he searched his pocket and found that the key was not with him.He felt very embarrassed as the students were waiting outside to enter the hall.What I saw then was an unbelievable act from a student. He was on his knees and he prayed to God to help him.As he stood up and looked around, he saw the key of the hall lying in front of him.
I can never forget all the help Fr.Christian gave me.In a way , it was his help that opened the door of the University education in the United States for me.For, from the Indiana State, I could move to the Catholic University,Washington D.C. for my Ph.D.

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