Friday, September 9, 2011

Mother Teresa

After my M.A. examination in 1970, along with a priest-friends of mine form the college, I went to Calcutta with the desire of seeing Mother Teresa and knowing more about her work.We stayed at St.Xavier's college,Calcutta and fro there went to see Mother teresa's lace.We were disappointed when we found out that she was not there.But we spent time with the sisters there and visited the places where the infants and the dying people were nursed and cared for.We some to some of the sisters. There was only one foreign-born sister and she was form Germany. She was young sister and we asked her how she joined the Congregation.She then narrated her story.She came as a visitorfor the Eucharistic Congress in Bombay and at one of the receptions given by the Bombay Archdiocese, she was sitting opposite to Mother Teresa.She noticed that Mother was looking at her specially at the time of the meal.After the meal was over, she walked over to Mother Teresa and inquired why she was looking at her. The Mother replied that she would give her a saree if she would join her group. She went back to Germany but then could not remain there.She felt the pull of Mother Teresa's words and she returned to Calcutta to join her Congregation.
I was really elated when one day after breakfast, one of the priests who was the Director of Communications for the Diocese mentioned that Mother Teresa would be coming to St.Matthew's Cathedral.
At 11 a.m., she came to the Cathedral, accompanied by Archbishop Hickey. Some of the Spanish Catholics who heard about her arrival were waiting at the steps of the Cathedral to greet her.they sang songs as she walked up the steps to the Cathedral.
After spending some time in prayer, she walked around the Cathedral. I had some pictures taken with her with the Archbishop.When I told her that I was from Changanacherry, she right away mentioned that she had no convent in Changanacherry.
I felt really happy when I got a chance to see and meet her at St.Matthew's Cathedral.

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