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People I met in the U.S.--Msgr.Louis Qinn

Msgr.Louis Quinn of St.Matthew's Cathedral
As I was finishing up my first year Catholic University, I was looking for a parish to work during the summer as the dorm where I stayed would be closed for the holidays.It was one of the Malaylee families that suggested to me to contact St.Matthew's Cathedral.One day, I called for the Pastor and talked to him expressing my desire to wrk there for the coming summer if there was a possibility.He graciously invited me for dinner .I accepted the invitation and went there one evening.I was totally surprised in seeing more than eight priests, all clerically dressed for the dinner.When they heard that I was doing my Ph.D. in English, one of them asked me about a recent novel that became a hit--The Thorn Birds. Fortunately, I read the novel while I was in New York , the previous summer. I saw people reading the novel in the subways and at various reception counters.I thought then of reading f the book , even though I had heard about the book in one of my classes for M.A. at the Indiana state University. One of the students gave a copy of the book to one of the Professors, telling him to read it as it was very interesting.Then, I did not think of reading it.
My discussion of the theme of the book opened the hearts of all very favorably towards me. Then the Pastor invited me to watch the TV along with them for a few more minutes and told me that they would be happy to have me right away and that I could stay there not only during the summer but until the end of my studies. But,I had to finish six more months at the dorm as I signed up as a Campus minister for a year at C.U.
The stay at St.Matthew's opened a whole new world for me.It gave me the chance of meeting some of the greatest Catholics and leaders of the world.
Msgr.Lou Quinn was a perfect gentleman. He was a great conversationalist at the dining table.He was the only one one always talking at table and he was very smooth and gracious. During all the three years I was there, there arose no controversies or disputes.All were treated very cordially.
Even after I left St.Matthew's Cathedral, he was very regular in writing to me every Christmas and sending me mass intentions. It has been a few moths since he passed away.Even the Christmas before, he sent me a Christmas card , with his special notes , giving an update of his activities.He is someone I can never forget in my life.May his soul rest in peace.


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