Friday, September 9, 2011

President Carter and President Clinton

President Carter came to St.Matthew's Cathedral along with the Vice President and many senators at the funeral mass for George Meaney , one of the great labor leaders of the States.I was a concelebrant at the mass and after the mass, as we walked down the aisle, President Carter was walking just behind us. After exchanging a few words with the Pastor, he walked out of the Cathedral.
I had a chance to shake hands with President Clinton when I was working at St.Patrick's church.

He came for the inauguration of the new CIA building which is just a block away from St.Patrick's.Our Pastor , Msgr.Vaghi gave the invocation.All of us priests were invited for the function.After the inaugural function, The President greeted all of us who were there.

I had a chance to see President Reagan after the election when he came to visit the Republican Head Quarters which was across the street from St.Matthew's.It was a view from a short distance as I was returning from my classes at the Catholic University. In that way , I was able to see or meet three Presidents of the U.S. during my stay in the U.S.

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