Sunday, September 4, 2011

The people I met in the U.S.-3

Bennet Williams
Bennet Williams was one of the top defense lawyers of the U.S. What impressed me most was his presence at the mass.On Saturdays, the priest himself would open the door of the church for the morning mass at 7a.m. at St.Matthew's Cathedral. Every Saturday, when I opened the church, the first person,I would meet was Bennet Williams. This was a great source of inspiration.
There is a big law firm carrying his name in Washington D.C.
William Conway
Bill Conway is the M.D. of the Carlyle corporation and was a a regular attendee at the morning masses at St.Patrick's church.One day after the morning mass, as I was greeting the people, he came towards me told how appreciative he was of my short homilies focussed on Jesus at the morning masses.
He helped the Syro-Malabar Diocese several times through his generous contributions.
Fr.Paul Liston and Msgr.Michael Farina
They both were good friends while I was working as an Associate Pastor at St.Patrick's.We had very lively conversations after meals at the dining table and I have often gone with them on their trips to Southern Maryland.I sorely missed their company when I left Washington for Chicago.In Chicago, I was living mostly with young priests who came from India who did not have much experience or University education.Their narrow vision was evident in their conversations.It was very difficult to engage them in conversations that touched on American culture or life.
Mike who passed away a few months ago was a great person who was always encouraging and inspiring.When Mike celebrated his 50th Ordination anniversary, I went from Chicago to D.C. to participate in the mass as well as in the reception.
Fr.Liston is a great scholar and a historian.I used to gather a lot of information about the history of the American church from my conversations with him.
In my life in Chicago, I miss people like them.

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