Sunday, September 4, 2011

The people I met in the U.S.--Senator Patrick Moynihan

Senator Patrick Moynihan
Senator Moynihan was a regular participant at the Sunday masses at St.Patrick's church,Washington D.C.He as formerly a Professor at Harvard University and later, the U.S.ambassador to India.
I have always been impressed by the faith and humility of Moynihan.If any usher was absent, Moynihan would come forward to take up the collections during the mass.After the Sunday mass, Moynihan would stand up and face the organist and listen to his playing of the organ after the mass.
When I was standing in the vestibule of the church after the mass, greeting the congregation, he would come and express his appreciative comments about my homilies.One sunday , he came to tell me that one of the quotes I used for the homily at the mass , was penned by one of his friends at Harvard.
As I did not get a chance to bid goodbye when I left Washington for Chicago, I sent him a note thanking him for his appreciative comments.But soon after, he got sick and passed away .One of the doctors who treated him at GW hospital had told me alter that when he was brought to the
hospital, he spoke to his wife about me and she mentioned that she had received a note from me.

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